5 Steps to your first Cigar Smoke

5 steps to your first smoke.

1.) Visit a local tobacconist store -

Learn from the expert and stay away from stores that don't specialize in cigars.

2.) Try a couple different cigars -

Open your mind and palate and try several different types of cigars to determine your preference.

3) Lighting instrument -

Wood matches and torch lights are best. PLEASE stay away from cardboard matches, they will ruin your smoke.

4.) Cutter -

Since this post is for newbies, have the store cut yur cigars or invest $2 bucks in a plastic cutter at the cash register!

5.) Drink Pairing -

This will vary widely until you determine your cigar preference.  I recommend a nice scotch or brew.  Keep in mind, your tobacconist is a good resource for pairing recommendations.

One more thing...when you're ready to fine that perfect humidor for your cigars, come back and see us.

Until next time.....Good Smoking!